I have an active swimming history from the time I was in the elementary school. At that time I participated in a swimming club technique course(about 1 year). I have been an active swimmer ever since.

My education is an FAF Personal Trainer and SUH licensed swimming teacher.

We all can improve our swimming skills. Some people may have problems with their skills for example due to not having decent places to practice in their country of origin.

Everyone is welcome to join the classes regardless of age, (children under 13 with their parent). There are no preconditions in the swimming skills, the sole condition the participants need to fill is basic english.

I’m Your personal trainer, I will come  to the pool with you and  you can feel safe and relaxed.

I will help you to get rid of any fears related to water and to develop yourself in all swimming styles. If you have willingness to try hard enough, you will build confidence to the point where you can swim and float virtually forever.

– Master the water!