Swimming technique classes for children


The most common problem with the freestyle is that the head is often too much upwards. This creates resistance in the water and therefore slows down the swimming. Children often like to show their skills. This may lead them to swim too fast instead of using the right technique. We will pay  attention to the head position and make sure that the breathing is done from both directions. This creates a balanced technique.


The most challenging part of the breastroke is the kick. Many people have the problem of kicking like a ”mule”. The legs just kick straight towards back and no thrust is created. Often times the problem may also bee the so called scissor blade kick. The ankle that should be fully bend, is left open(swings like a blade) and therefore the thrust is lost. A perfect kick can easily  make you swim across the pool using kicks only. Sometimes the actual gliding face of the style is completely missing.


The common types of problem with backstroke is holding your head too up(in the fears that water will go into your nose) which makes the feet sink too low, which again slows down swimming. The kick may start too much from the knee which makes the hip to bend too much and the knees brake the surface. If the body does not turn enough or is bend, its impossible to do the handstroke properly. The good technique consists of bending the head backwards(vice versa to freestyle looking to the bottom), the kick starts from the hip, ankles relaxed, the body turns over the longitude axis and the hands follow the so called mill wing principal. The first thing we want to make sure is that the head is let loose fully back. This is addressed in floating on your back.


The butterfly is often referred as the most difficult technique. It its true, the technique is difficult and requires a lot of training. The hard part is to simultaneusly do breathing, handstroke and kicking in continuos cyckle and at the right time to make the style efficient. The most common mistake is to lift ones body too up orletting your head sink too deep which stops the speed. Often the dolphine kick used in this technique starts bending too much knees, which makes take hip to bend too much too and the streamlined position breaks.